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Family Record Searches

family-record-searchesArnos Vale maintains digitally scanned records of all burials and cremations from 1839 to August 2003. These and the more recent records can be manually searched by our trained staff to find information about the deceased, who else is buried in the grave the location of the grave and other interesting information such as the person's occupation or last address. To request a Family Record Search, please print off and complete a form or complete one of the online forms available below.

There are four options available at Arnos Vale Cemetery if you want to locate a grave, find out more information about a family member or who else is buried in the grave, details of the grave and transcription, or even a photograph of the grave or photograph of the original record entry. To find out more, choose a service;


*in all cases we can only start our search once we have both the information required and the correct payment. All prices are inclusive of VAT



Initial Record Search

If you are unsure if a family member or friend has been buried or scattered at Arnos Vale Cemetery, and would just like to know if they are here or at another cemetery in Bristol, then this is the search for you. You will only be given a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ no answer as any further information required if they are at Arnos Vale will require a further search through the records.

You will need to provide the persons full name and, if known, the date of burial or the year of death. If you can provide the year of the burial/scattering then the cost is £10.00. If however, you are unsure of the year of death, then the search will take much longer and the cost will be £20.00.

If you want this service, please complete our online... Initial Search Form


*Please Note - charges are payable whether the person you are trying to locate is here or not. However, if you go on to order a Standard Record Search, £10 will be deducted from the cost .


10 Working Days
Individual at Arnos Vale?
Yes/No Answer






Standard Record Search

A detailed report about the person you are searching for, and others in the grave . We can advise you on: the plot number, location of the grave, whether the person was cremated, buried or interred, who else is buried in the grave or whether single ownership and provide a map of the grave location. If recorded, we may also be able to provide you with details of the occupation of the deceased, their address at time of death and details of the purchaser.

The cost of this service is £30.00*

If you want this service, please complete our online... Standard Search Form


*Please Note - if you have previously paid for an initial search to be carried out then £10 will be deducted from the Standard Record Search charge (the £10 reduction applies to both the £10 and £20 initial fees).


20 Working Days
Details of the Grave
Map with Location & Plot #
Possibly Further Details





Express Record Search

For a response within 48 hours we offer our Express Search service. You will receive everything included in the Standard Record Search service but will receive the results within 48 hours of the application form and payment being received.

The Express Search service costs £50.00.

Where visitors arrive at Arnos Vale in person and require an immediate search to be carried out we can respond within 3 hours if staff are available to carry out the search*.

If you want this service, please complete our online... Express Search Form

*Please Note - that we cannot always guarantee that a search can be undertaken and it would be prudent to call prior to visiting if you are hoping for an express record search to be carried out.

Only 48 Hours!
Details of the Grave
Map with Location & Plot #
Possibly Further Details






Image Record Search

This service provides all the information offered in our Standard Record Search service detailed above with the addition of a copy of the photograph of the entry in the original records, a photograph of the grave and a copy of the transcription from the headstone*. It is particularly suitable for people who are unable to visit Arnos Vale Cemetery or who would like a photograph of the record entry and grave on site. Additional photographs can be ordered at £1.50 per photograph.

This service costs £60.00.

If you want this service, please complete our online... Image Search Form

*Please note – where removal of ivy from the grave to enable the transcription to be read will result in damage to the grave or where the grave proves inaccessible it will not be possible to provide this information.


30 Working Days
Photos of Grave & Records
Copy of Transcription
Every Standard Detail






Arnos Vale is a 45 acre site with over 50,000 graves and the map references may be difficult to follow when locating your family grave. If after completing this search you visit the site and are unable to find the grave we would be happy to assist you. You will need to make an appointment through our office in advance Tel. 0117 971 9117 and whilst we will not charge for this service, we hope that you will make a donation to cover our costs.

You may be interested to hear that we also offer a Grave Tidy service. Income from searches and services goes to support the Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust and its work. For other aspects of family history research, please see Family History page on this web site.


4 in 1 Family Record Search
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