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Arnos Vale to celebrate Rajah Day on September 28th

Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol’s iconic heritage site is once again preparing to celebrate the life of Rajah Rammohun Roy on Sunday September 28 from 12-2pm.

Hailed in many circles as “The Father of Modern India” the Rajah, who died in Bristol in 1833 and whose Chattri is a national landmark within the grounds of Arnos Vale, was a social reformer from Bengal in spheres such as law, theology, and women’s rights.

The Lord Mayor of Bristol will lay a wreath from the city and speak on the Rajah's lasting affect and influence on the city. This laying of flowers at the Chattri will be at 12 noon to mark the start of the day's proceedings.

The highlight of the event this year will be the screening of a recently produced film about the Rajah's death mask, shot at Edinburgh University by Dr. Suman Ghosh of Bath Spa University and narrated by Carla Contractor a trustee at Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Alongside the screening, guest speakers will present an insightful recount of the Rajah's time in Bristol and hisconnection with the Unitarians of the time.

Carla Contactor, trustee at Arnos Vale and recognised expert in the life of Rajah Rammohun Roy said: "The Rajah was an extraordinary man in so many fields: a humanist, a farsighted reformer of political , legal and social matters, a man of deep faith and tolerance who was well versed in the faiths of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism"

Along with his social reformation work the Rajah opened three newspapers in Calcutta, he advised Lord Bentinck on how and why to outlaw Sati, and consistently lobbied for legal and social reforms for his people. In 1831 he came to London to offer more advice to Parliament here on the rule of the East India Co. in India.

His life came to an unexpected end when he came to Bristol on holiday, where he contracted meningitis and died in at Stapleton Grove (currently Beech House) in Stapleton on September 27, 1833.

The Rajah day presentations are free for visitors to join in and there will be a specially prepared vegetarian curry lunch prepared by Whisk! To follow the proceedings for only £10 for those wishing to stay on.

For more information visit www.arnosvale.org.uk/events




Doors Open with an Apple Twist

Iconic Bristol landmark Arnos Vale Cemetery is set to welcome visitors for the annual Doors Open event on Saturday, September 13.  However, alongside the usual open access to areas normally kept under lock and key, there is a new twist for 2014 with Arnos Vale teaming up with Bristol Cider Shop to launch Totterdown’s  first ever cider festival on the site.

The ‘celebration of cider making’ will include a cider bar featuring 10 award-winning local ciders and perries with tutored cider tastings. Totterdown Press, Totterdown's very own cider-makers will also be unveiling their brand new bottled cider, made just 200 yards away from Arnos Vale and demonstrating some real life apple pressing.

Visitors can meet the team behind ‘The Naked Guide to Cider’, the UK’s best cider guidebook, and see photographer Jon Kent’s ‘Made in Britain’ photography exhibition, which documents a year in the life of traditional cider maker Ben Crossman.

For families, there are children’s activities including apple related arts and crafts plus traditional favourites like apple bobbing.

Pete Snowman, owner of Bristol Cider Shop said:  "We're really excited to be working with Arnos Vale. It’s always been one of my favourite green spaces in Bristol and what better place to hold a cider festival?"

Christine Davis, organisers of Bristol Doors Open Day, added: “Arnos Vale is one of the highlights of Bristol Doors Open Day. It’s a fascinating site all year round but for Doors Open Day the team always work hard to put on something really special. This year is no exception and we are especially pleased to be celebrating all things local and seasonal with the Apple & Cider Festival.”

Of course the usual old favourites of Arnos Vale doors open are still present with the opening of the Anglican crypt, chance to ring the Anglican bell and the ever popular tours of Ceremonial Way.

The money raised on the day will go towards the Arnos Vale catalyst fund where every £1 collected on the day will be doubled by Heritage Lottery to help secure the future of Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Public Engagement Manger, Felicia Smith added: “Doors Open Day is always one of our most popular annual events as visitors get the chance to discover areas of the cemetery which are usually closed to the public.  The combination of Doors Open and cider festival is a first for us and we’re sure it will be a great success with visitors on the day.”

For more information on the cider festival visit www.arnosvale.org.uk/events or for more about doors open day visit www.bristoldoorsopenday.org

Cemetery by torchlight as Arnos Vale releases after hours Autumn schedule

Bristol's Arnos Vale Cemetery has a new focus this season as a series of after dark events have been included in the new Autumn schedule.

Taking visitors on a tour of the cemetery by torchlight, the Night at the Cemetery Tour uncovers the Gothic gloom and ethereal beauty of Bristol's "Necropolis" as visitors travel along paths overhung with creeping branches, descend into the mortuary crypt and listen out for things that go bump in the night.

Amongst the other nocturnal activities are the last ever series of 'Owl Prowl' tours brought by Ian McGuire, a local owl expert, who is running his popular tour for the last time before stepping down.
Public engagement manager Felicia Smith said: "A cemetery after dark is always something which catches the imagination of the public and we are pleased to have developed a schedule of tours which capture the best of Arnos Vale at night"

"We recommend visitors bring a torch for our afterhours tours and Owl Prowls as a 175 year old cemetery can be a dark and spooky place at night."

Continuing the theme, a full Halloween schedule has been put together for families including Creepy Crafts, Terrifying Tours and Fangtastic Forest Forays to keep the little ones entertained over the half-term.

With Arnos Vales freshly improved acoustics, there is now also a greater interest from the theatre and music industry with the critically acclaimed Brodsky Quartet playing as part of 'The World Changed' series and a unique run of the Bronte season brought together by Butterfly Psyche Theatre.

For more information on the Arnos Vale autumn schedule you can view all the events at www.arnosvale.ork.uk/events with early booking for popular tours and talks recommended.


ITV News story featuring Arnos Vale

Lovely feature on ITV news last night, explains the history behind many people's passion for Arnos Vale, and why 175 years' of existence is such an achievement for this place to remember.

£10,000 Anniversary Reward!

Donation-box-unveiling£10,000 anniversary reward for Arnos Vale ‘175’ celebrations

Friends and supporters of Bristol’s Arnos Vale  gathered yesterday to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the cemetery and to re-invigorate the drive to raise money to secure the future of the site, with over £5000 being collected and doubled from a newly unveiled donation sculpture on the day.

Read more: £10,000 Anniversary Reward!


UNVEILING: FUTURE MEMORIAL is a social sculpture by international artists Julia Vogl in collaboration with Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust.  The Participatory art work, aims to reflect individually the living community’s collective thoughts on experiencing the cemetery and collectively illustrate their presence.

Read more: Unveiling


Did you know that over one third of the food that humans eat are dependent on pollination by bees?  They play a vital role in food production and their numbers are on the decline!

There are over 250 species of bee in the UK - some bees are social and some are solitary.

They all feed on pollen and nectar. Pollen provides the bee with a balanced diet of protein and fat whilst nectar is loaded with sugars and provides the bee with its main source of energy. 

If you see a bee on the floor looking a little "drunk" and sorry for itself it may need your help to survive!  Mix one spoon of sugar with two spoons of water and offer the bee a little to drink from a spoon!  Please don't feed it honey or artificial sugars as it will damage or even kill the bee.  Once it has been revived watch it fly off with renewed energy! 

Find out more information about bees from the Buzz About Bees website

If you want to find a home for solitary bees then the Gift Shop at Arnos Vale has some bee boxes available.  The Gift Shop is located in the East Lodge building, to the left as you enter Arnos Vale through the main gates just off the Bath Road entrance.

Going Batty!

Did you know that there are over 17 species of bats resident in the UK - that's more than a quarter of our mammals species!

Female bats normally have just one offspring per year but they form colonies in buildings and trees and each bat can live for up to 30 years! During the summer months bats can eat up 3,000 insects per night locating their prey by using a pattern of returning echoes from a high frequency call.  During the cooler months there are not so many insects about so bats hibernate only emerging occasionally to eat or drink.

Find out more about bats by coming along to one of our Guided Bat Tours on Friday 27th June, Friday 1st August or Friday 29th August

You can help the survival of bats in the wild by installing a nestbox in your garden.  Britain's most popular bat the Pipistrelle is only 4cm long and weighs the same as a 2p coin - 5grams!  Approximately 100-200 bats can nest in one nestbox but you can buy several and offer the bats a choice of locations in the garden according to the time of year.  The box will need to be installed as high as possible to a tree or building facing south so it is protected from bad weather.

All British bats are protected by law and it is an offence to handle or intentionally disturb a wild bat without a licence! So please help these funny characters survive. Bat boxes can be found in our Gift Shop - located in the East Lodge building - to the left as you enter Arnos Vale through the main gates, just off the Bath Road entrance.


Run Times - Family 5K

It was a great day at the Family 5k on Monday 5th May and would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended especially Puddle Ducks Bristol and Bath , The Bubbahub and JustJog who were just wonderful (check out their pages for some lovely photos); to all the Marshalls, Volunteers and staff who made the day run smoothly and finally to all our runners, toddlers and spectators who made the day so special. Thank you all for your support.

Read more: Run Times - Family 5K

No Parking on 5th May

The Arnos Vale Family 5k will be held on Monday 5th May 2014 and there will be no Parking on site on that day. This is to ensure the safety of our participants and spectators. If you are attending and coming by car, please park in Paintworks on the Bath Road. Verve Properties have very kindly offered parking to our guests on that day in the overflow car park at the far end of the site’

Arts Festival Showcase

A Bristol charity is holding an arts festival with a difference. The week-long event starting at Bristol’s Paintworks Event Space on 26 April features work from hundreds of people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and dementia, built into a creative landscape of installation art.

Some of the art depicts scenes from Arnos Vale Cemetery in various mediums. The Trust’s Art For Wellbeing Group visited the Cemetery over several months to create artworks for Expressions.

Read more: Arts Festival Showcase

Easter Gift Ideas at Arnos Vale

rabbit-2Arnos Vale has a gorgeous little Gift Shop that sells unique and unusual items.  Many of our visitors don't realise that there is a Gift Shop as it is tucked away inside the East Lodge building (the building on the left as you enter the cemetery through the main gates just off the Bath Road entrance).

Next time you're passing by - pop in to the Gift Shop and see what we have available! You'll be surprised to see a wide range of gift ideas that you won't find anywhere else!

Read more: Easter Gift Ideas at Arnos Vale

Restricted Parking On Site

Arnos Vale Cemetery is hosting a theatre production between Thursday 20th and Sunday 30th of March. The performances will take place both in the Anglican Chapel and around various locations on the site. On Saturdays 22nd and 29th of March, afternoon matinee performances will be taking place which will affect access to some of the Cemetery.

Read more: Restricted Parking On Site

Custom-made Gates

Originally, in the heart of the cemetery, there was a small compound area that was used for keeping horses and waggons.  In more recent years the space was used by our Estates Team and volunteers as an area to chop and store wood, mend furniture and compost/burn excess green waste. 

Read more: Custom-made Gates

Arnos Vale Spring Newsletter 2014

All the news and reviews regarding Arnos Vale is now available to read in our Spring Newsletter!  You can read the latest edition by clicking on the image below or pick up a hard copy from our Gift Shop (located in the East Lodge building just to the left as you enter Arnos Vale through the main Bath Road gates), Reception or from the Atrium Cafe!

Read more: Arnos Vale Spring Newsletter 2014

Death And The Ploughman - Theatre Production

Death & The Ploughman comes to the cemetery in Spring 2014

During 20th-30th March 2014 Tom Bailey is directing a production of a rare and very old text, Death and the Ploughman at Arnos Vale Cemetery.  The show is an exciting new collaboration between Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust, the Tobacco Factory Theatres, and his own theatre company: The Mechanical Animal Corporation.

Read more: Death And The Ploughman - Theatre Production

Internship Vacancy

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust

INTERNSHIP VACANCY - Public Engagement and Collections Assistant

Background to Arnos Vale Arnos Vale Cemetery is a fully-restored Victorian "garden cemetery", covering 45 acres, overflowing with stories, monuments and wildlife, all set in a stunning landscape.

Read more: Internship Vacancy

We have a Winner

On Thursday 11th December, the lovely staff members at the Bath Road branch of Bristol Blue Glass, in company with our Chief Executive, Juliette Randall and Administrator Ruth Api, drew the three winners of the Arnos Vale Cemetery Raffle.

Our first prize of £300 was won by ticket number 00001 and the ticket holder has requested to remain anonymous. They did say that they were absolutely delighted and planned to spend the money on a special gift for themselves that they had been looking forward to for some time.

Read more: We have a Winner

Calling all Thespians

This is a call out for anyone interested in taking part as a community performer during an exciting, site-specific theatre production at one of Bristol’s best kept secrets, Arnos Vale Cemetery, in March 2014.

The show is called Death & the Ploughman. It’s a modern poetic translation of a beautiful medieval exploration of love and loss, and the show is being produced in association with the Tobacco Factory Theatre and Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust.

Read more: Calling all Thespians

Christmas Fayre Parking


Please be aware when coming to the Christmas Fayre on Sunday 1st December or The Night Before Christmas story that there is very limited parking at the Cemetery and it may be that you will not be able to park on site. Please bear this in mind when planning your trip to see us and if you can leave the car at home that would be even better. Thank you 

Christmas Trees for Sale

Back by popular demand!  Christmas Trees are on sale at Arnos Vale from 30th November.  Prices are held for the third year in a row!

The premium Nordman Fir trees range in size from 4' right up to 8'. The trees are all excellent quality Premium Nordman Firs and are priced from £20.00 depending on the size.  We will be selling the trees from our Gift Shop, located in the East Lodge building, to the left as you enter through the main gates just off the Bath Road entrance.

Read more: Christmas Trees for Sale

Remembrance Day

Remember all those who laid down their lives during the World Wars and other conflicts since.

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust and the Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery will be holding a short Remembrance service at The Great War Memorial in Arnos Vale Cemetery on 11th November 2013. We will remember those who have died or been injured in service.

Read more: Remembrance Day

Arnos Vale Raffle

Would you like the opportunity to win £300 before Christmas? Tickets for the Arnos Vale raffle are now available in our shop in the East Lodge at only £1 each or £5 per book. First prize is £300, second Prize is a three course meal for two prepared in your own home courtesy of Whisk! and third prize is an Arnos Vale experience pack which includes two places on a tour of your choice. Proceeds will go towards the Endowment Challenge where every £1 raised is matched by the Heritage Lottery Fund up to £500,000.

Read more: Arnos Vale Raffle


Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust and the Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery publish a newsletter twice yearly to update everyone on the latest news and information.  If you would like a copy please pop into our Reception, located in the East Lodge building (to the left as you enter Arnos Vale through the main gates just off the Bath Road entrance). 

Read more: Newsletter

Guided Tours at Arnos Vale

Discover the Graves, stories and heritage of Bristol on a guided tour of Arnos Vale Cemetery. 

One of the best ways visitors can explore Arnos Vale is to take one of our guided tours with an experienced volunteer guide.  These personal tours last up to 1.5 hours and give a unique insight into the local history, people's stories, wildlife and beautiful architecture that can be found in the 45 acres of garden cemetery.  Our public programme of guided tours runs from March through to November and you can read more on our website.

Read more: Guided Tours at Arnos Vale

Remembered Graves

Many of the graves in Arnos Vale Cemetery are invisible, unreadable or hard to reach.  The Remembered Graves Project is an initiative led by the Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery to mark these graves of people of local or national significance that are at reisk of beng lost, by providing memorial stones or markers so that selected graves can be found and remembered.

Read more: Remembered Graves

Arnos Vale Weddings

Arnos Vale has a new Facebook page just for weddings.

Whether you are looking for an Anglican Wedding Ceremony, Civil Ceremony, Civil Partnership, Woodland Wedding, Reception or evening party then please get in contact!  To receive our Welcome Pack through the post we just need your postal address sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Better still why not make an appointment to come and view the venues and see what we have to offer!

Read more: Arnos Vale Weddings

Wedding Fayre at Arnos Vale

Woodland Weddings at Arnos Vale

Arnos Vale is hosting it's first Wedding Fayre on Sunday 6th October.

As Arnos Vale is licenced for Church of England weddings in our beautifully restored Anglican Chapel, Civil Ceremonies and Partnerships in our Spielman Centre and now also Woodland Weddings in the Underwood Centre - it opens up many options for the discerning bride-to-be.

Read more: Wedding Fayre at Arnos Vale

Part-time Caretaker at Arnos Vale

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust runs the only fully-restored Victorian "garden cemetery", covering 45 acres, overflowing with stories, monuments and wildlife, all set in a stunning landscape.

Following a £5m project to restore its historic grounds, monuments and buildings, the Trust has entered into the next stage which is to develop a sustainable organisation to maintain and develop the potential of this unique site.  The cemetery is a special environment offering something for everyone.

Read more: Part-time Caretaker at Arnos Vale

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

SPP Theatre Company breathes new life into Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

The central questions of human existence are explored in what is arguably Tom Stoppard’s finest work in a new production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, from the Southville-based SPP Theatre Company.  Appearing at Arnos Vale 25th, 26th & 27th July.

Read more: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

The Secret History of the Nation's Health

Did any of your recent ancestors die of Cholera, TB, Polio, or any of the terrible diseases that spread fear amongst our distant relations?  Are they buried at Arnos Vale?  David Parker is researching a series for BBC television about the history of health and he is keen to hear from anyone who has researched their family history and knows how any of their recent ancestors died.  If you would like to share your story then please contact David Parker direct on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Inge Samuels on 0117 3731958.

Stomping Stories

cropped-welliesGet out and about with an after-school story and a crafty activity included.  Arnos Vale have a series of Stomping Stories this summer that are perfect for children aged 4+ years and tickets are only £3 per child with accompanying adults attending FREE!

Read more: Stomping Stories

First Civil Partnership at Arnos Vale

Ed--Pete-Wedding-3On Saturday 22nd June Arnos Vale held the first ever Civil Partnership in the Spielman Centre.

The weather was dry and the rain managed to stay away for Ed & Pete's ceremony despite the dark clouds hovering above Arnos Vale throughout the morning.  The Spielman Centre is licenced for civil ceremonies and partnerships and was decorated in soft colours of pink, blues & purples all brought together from Bijoux Floral with bunting made by a family friend.


Read more: First Civil Partnership at Arnos Vale

Community Run and Toddle a Huge Success!

community-run-childrenArnos Vale is delighted to announce that £6,000 was raised at Community Run and Toddle sponsored by Puddle Ducks.

Runners, toddlers, volunteers and spectators all contributed to making Bank Holiday Monday 6th May an excellent family day out. Over 100 participants took part in the run and toddle, whilst the sun shone, and helped to raise £6,000. 

How will Arnos Vale spend the money raised?

Read more: Community Run and Toddle a Huge Success!

Belle's Art

Belles-Art-6New to the Gift Shop

"Things that Make Me Smile"

If you are looking for that unusual, unique and special gift for someone special then make sure you stop at the Gift Shop in the East Lodge at Arnos Vale.

New in this week we have hand-made Memory Boxes, lovingly decorated by the one and only Belle of Belle's Art.

Read more: Belle's Art

Help Save Arnos Vale Forever

Juliette-randallPlease sponsor Me!

Juliette Randall

CEO at Arnos Vale

Firstly, apologies for the slightly impersonal approach!  I know you will all understand that I am trying to reach as many of you as I can to help me achieve my fundraising target!

On Monday 6th May we hold our second annual community run and annual toddle at Arnos Vale Cemetery.  It is an exciting event for us and the local community as well as an opportunity for me personally to contribute to the Arnos Vale Endowment Fund Challenge!

Read more: Help Save Arnos Vale Forever

Arnos Vale Community Run 2013

community-run-colours6th May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday

Come and join the fun!


Something exciting is happening at Arnos Vale. We are hosting a 5k run on Bank Holiday Monday 6 May. Do you fancy taking part? It starts at 10am and it is a great route, multi terrain with a few a challenging ups! Also this year, we are hosting a toddle sponsored by Puddle Ducks starting at 9am, which is open to toddlers and their parents.

Read more: Arnos Vale Community Run 2013

Toddle Run

puddleducks-runnersCommunity Run 2013

6th May at 9:00am

Before Arnos Vale Community Run on Bank Holiday Monday, 6 May 2013, Arnos Vale will also host a toddle sponsored by Puddle Ducks for babies, toddlers and young children and their parents starting at 9am.

Sarah Peacock, owner of Puddle Ducks Bristol and Bath, jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the “toddle” this year to encourage all her Puddle Ducks families to come and visit Arnos Vale.

Read more: Toddle Run

Mother's Day

Arnos-Vale-Mothers-DaySunday 10th March

If you are planning on visiting Arnos Vale over the weekend then remember Mother's Day Sunday 10th March.  Pop into the Gift Shop where you will find lots of unique gift ideas and cards. 

Also available this week we have some beautiful rustic baskets containing primroses and hyacinths priced at only £4.95!

Be quick - at this price they won't be around long!

New item in the Gift Shop

rabbit-2Easter Egg Cups

Interactive, fun & affordable

Coming this week to Arnos Vale are these delightful Rabbit Egg Cups to decorate at home and make an ideal Easter Gift as well as look absolutely beautiful in your home afterwards.  Although aimed at children, these egg holders are an ideal gift for teenagers and adults too so hurry up and buy yours before the staff members do!  Availalble this week in the Gift Shop, located in the East Lodge, to the left as you enter Arnos Vale through the main gates off the Bath Road entrance. Also stocking many other gift ideas and cards.

Read more: New item in the Gift Shop

Arnos Vale Wild Knitted

get-knitted-animalsCalling all knitters…

Are you looking for a knitting project with a purpose?

Join a group of local knitters from Brislington, Knowle and Totterdown, knitting to secure the future of Arnos Vale.

Arnos Vale is a special place in the heart of the community famous for its wildlife; mice, hedgehogs, badgers, foxes and deer. Volunteer, Carol White, has raised £350 knitting and selling creatures found at Arnos Vale.

Read more: Arnos Vale Wild Knitted

Vote to Win an Artist at Arnos Vale

Julia-Vogl-PortraitGet ready to Vote to Win an Artist for

Arnos Vale

Arnos Vale needs your votes to wvote-buttonin!

Vote for Arnos Vale to win renowned contemporary artist JULIA VOGL in Museums at Night’s prestigious “Connect10” competition. If successful, Julia Vogl will work with Arnos Vale’s visitors at a night event in May 2013, to create an open-air community artwork incorporating mortuary chapels, crypt, trees and pathways into a meandering trail through the cemetery.


Read more: Vote to Win an Artist at Arnos Vale

Arnos Vale wins Evening Post Competiton

Bristol-Evening-PostArnos Vale are delighted to be one of three local businesses who have won an award by the Bristol Evening Post!

Three Bristol firms – Atmosphere Electric Bikes, Arnos Vale Cemetery and 360 Pole Dancing – have won the Local Business Accelerators competition which aimed to find the most promising young businesses in the area.

Read more: Arnos Vale wins Evening Post Competiton

Garden of Rest One

garden-of-rest-restoredWall Removal and Rebuild

The wall adjacent to the archway in the Garden of Rest 1 (near The Spielman Centre) is due to be removed from the 22nd February 2013.

If you have any plaques, vases or commemorations in this area then they will need to be removed by the 22nd February.  If you are unable to get here then we can remove them on your behalf and store them for one year.

Read more: Garden of Rest One

Fundraising Manager Vacancy

job-vacancyArnos Vale Cemetery Trust

Fundraising Manager Job Advertisement

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust runs the only fully-restored Victorian "garden cemetery", covering 45 acres, overflowing with stories, monuments and wildlife, all set in a stunning landscape. Arnos Vale is now a national exemplar of how a decaying cemetery can be brought back to its former glory, providing new and exciting ways to engage visitors of all backgrounds and ages with a city’s history. It is a hugely significant place for Bristolians, who value it as a place of remembrance, an important working cemetery, a place of local heritage and historic importance, and a very special and much loved landscape.

Read more: Fundraising Manager Vacancy

Unique Jewellery at Arnos Vale

jewellery-set-1Gift Shop

Arnos Vale

'Stuff by Al' is a unique collection of glass jewellery and bowls created by Alistair Reekie.  Alistair began working with glass only two years ago, but his peers are already calling his work inspirational and unusual. 

He is fascinated by the way light is transformed by clever glass work and is not afraid to experiment with colours and textures.  He is equally delighted by experimental mistakes as he is by perfect creations. 

Read more: Unique Jewellery at Arnos Vale

Volunteering Opportunity at Arnos Vale Cemetery

untitled-2Oral History Volunteer


Help us gather a People’s History of Arnos Vale Cemetery


Arnos Vale Cemetery has been awarded an HLF Your Heritage grant to undertake an oral history project in the cemetery. Your Arnos Vale: A People’s History of Arnos Vale Cemetery is a community oral history project which will use community contacts and public roadshows to build contacts with contributors from which to collect contemporary and historic materials relating to Arnos Vale and the late 20th century history of the campaign to save the cemetery.

An exciting community project

Read more: Volunteering Opportunity at Arnos Vale Cemetery

Your Arnos Vale

your-arnos-vale“Your Arnos Vale – A people’s history of Arnos Vale Cemetery”

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust has announced the launch of an oral history project, funded by the award of a grant of £35,100 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and match-funded by the Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery. 

We are currently advertising for 8 volunteers to undertake some research as part of this project - if you are interested in finding out more please click here.

Read more: Your Arnos Vale

Remember a Life

black-and-white-candlesChristmas Memorial Service

Saturday 15th December 2012 at 2.00pm

Arnos Vale Cemetery

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust extends a warm and open invitation to everyone to join us for a memorial service to remember loved ones at Christmas.

The Service will be conducted by Fr Gwyn Owen of Christ the Servant, Stockwood and there will be an opportunity to write a message to hang on our Christmas tree and light a candle in remembrance.

Read more: Remember a Life

Atrium Cafe Opening For Christmas

hot-chocolateChristmas at Arnos Vale

Join us for some Christmas Cheer

We look forward to welcoming you at The Atrium Cafe this winter.

We’re open every day, apart from Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, and have just launched our delicious winter menu.

Warm up with a gingerbread latte, enjoy a hearty squash and chickpea tagine or a slice of our warm apple cake with clotted cream. Or all three!

Read more: Atrium Cafe Opening For Christmas

Arnos Vale - Christmas Opening Times

christmas-clockDecember 2012

This Christmas, if you wish to visit the Cemetery on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day the gates will be open on these dates from 10:00am - 4:00pm.

For all other days please see the chart below.

The Atrium Cafe is open daily from 10:00am-4:00pm except for Christmas Day and New Years Day.

The Gift Shop is open daily from 10:00am-4:00pm except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Read more: Arnos Vale - Christmas Opening Times

Outdoor Learning Centre

SantanderArnos Vale wins Outdoor Learning Centre in

Santander Enterprise award


Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust has won £50,000 in Santander’s national Social Enterprise Development Awards (SEDA) to help fund an outdoor learning centre.

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust was one of six social enterprises to win an award in this year’s SEDA which saw a total of £240,000 distributed to organisations across the South West as part of a UK-wide £2 million prize fund.

Read more: Outdoor Learning Centre

Friends 25th Anniversary Celebrations

friends-of-arnos-vale-cemetery-logoThanks to everyone who made yesterday's celebration of the Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery's 25th anniversary such a great day.

Friends, supporters, trustees and staff were all present to celebrate the Friends' remarkable achievements and to look to the future with two new projects being launched. Read all about it in today's Post. it all started a quarter of a century ago... Evening Post Article

Watch the ITV story here

Christmas Trees for Sale

christmas-tree-from-arnos-vThe Trees Are Back!

Available NOW!

Christmas Trees are available to purchase from Arnos Vale now!

This picture on the left was kindly sent in by Simon Tofts last year. Simon purchased his tree in 2011 and picked the biggest one we had!

The trees are excellent quality and available now from our Gift Shop. They are the super premium quality Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees and we have a range of sizes available:

Read more: Christmas Trees for Sale

Virtual Tour


Virtual Tours of Arnos Vale

New to the website this week is the addition of four Virtual Tours of the site.

Kilgore661 visited Arnos Vale in August and fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of the site as well as the buildings and offered to come along one day to film various areas with a Gigapan camera.  What's a Gigapan Camera?  Well, we didn't really know what it was either but we were intrigued to discover more..... and we are so glad we did!

Read more: Virtual Tour

Firewood for Sale

firewoodat-arnos-valeQuality Ash and Sycamore seasoned logs are now on sale again at Arnos Vale.

If you want to buy a bag, or two, or three (perhaps stock up now for the Winter ahead) then please contact Nick Bull on 0117 9719117 xtn 209 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more: Firewood for Sale

StrEAT Food Festival

streat-logoSaturday 1st September

5pm - 10pm

StrEAT to host the first ever street food market in a cemetery


Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol is the unusual location for a one-off street food festival put on by the StrEAT Food Collective.  Vendors will be serving diverse food, from around the world, on Saturday 1st September.


StrEAT is a global street food collective serving food from all over the world. Hot and delicious dishes from countries like Thailand, India, Wales and Ghana will be served. Families, students and local residents will be gathering together to enjoy music and food in an upbeat mardi gras atmosphere.

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FrancesTaylorPhotography_ArnosVale112Meet the Dream Team!

On Monday four very talented and generous ladies arrived at Arnos Vale in cars full to the brim of props, flowers, bunting and photography equipment.
Meet the dream team: Kirsten from The Little Wedding Helper, Fran from Frances Taylor Photography, Becci from Bijoux Floral and Ali from Bristol Vintage.

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Please note - that due to road resurfacing along Ceremonial Way there will not be any parking available at Arnos Vale for the remainder of this week (until Friday 17th August).


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Angel Halo

Caroline-Tovey-HaloCaroline Tovey

Caroline doesn't have a garden where she lives but is lucky enough to live close enough to Arnos Vale.  Being such a tranquil site Caroline finds it really peaceful and spends many a weekend wandering around Arnos Vale reading the headstones, seeing the hidden stories attached to them all and taking pictures at every opportunity.

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Afternoon Tea

weddingsSunday 16th September


Afternoon tea in one of Bristol's hidden wedding venues?

If you are a wedding supplier and would like to discover one of Bristol's best kept venue secrets. then this is an event not to be missed!

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Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail 2012

totterdown-2012Totterdown Arts Trail 2012

For the third year running, Arnos Vale was proud to join in the FRONT ROOM Totterdown Arts Trail and host an exciting range of work by local artists including photography, painting, sculpture, jewellery and live music!

A packed programme was lined up, featuring artists, events and activities running throughout the weekend including painting, sculpture, photography, jewellery, crafts, the written word and live music!


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The Atrium Cafe

cafe1-bobOn the Terrace with Whisk!

Sitting on the terrace outside the Atrium Cafe in the sunshine, enjoying lunch with a little glass of something chilled, it's very easy to forget that you're a stone's throw from the centre of Bristol.  The bird-song keeps you company and the vista is of magnificent Victorian architecture, majestic trees and acres of history ready to be explored.  It's easy to see why more and more people are visiting Arnos Vale and we're delighted to welcome them at the Atrium Cafe.

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Gorilla Returns


23rd July to 16th August


In 2011 Arnos Vale took part in Bristol Zoo's WOW! Gorilla Trail.  For the summer we had the Bristol Blue Glass Gorilla on site and hundreds of visitors flocked to Arnos Vale to catch a glimpse and have their picture taken with him.


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Celebration of Tibet

tibet-3Thank you!

Arnos Vale was the destination of choice for the Celebration of Tibet and Tashi Lhunpo monks on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th June

Visitors to Arnos Vale were treated to a very rare evenings performance of sacred music and dance on the beautiful grounds and the sunshine also made a rare appearance and held out just long enough for some of the performance to occur outside.

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Printer for Sale

Rex Rotary 2738

We have a very reliable Rex Rotary digital laser printer/photocopier for sale here at Arnos Vale.  If you are looking for a printer for your office or home then please get in contact!

At only £375 it is excellent value for money - it can print in black & white, up to A3 size, duplex, 27 pages per minute and can be collected any day of the week.

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tour-of-av£500K Catalyst Match Funded Award

Provides the perfect incentive to build our endowment!

On Wednesday 20th June 2012, Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport announced that Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust was one of just 16 heritage organisations across the nation to be awarded Heritage Lottery Fund Catalyst Match Funding of £500K.

This is fantastic news for Arnos Vale and a true vote of confidence from national organisations and government that our future sustainability really matters.


£500K Heritage Lottery Match Funded Catalyst Endowment

heritage-logoAwarded to Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport announced today that Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust (the Trust) has been successful in its application for Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Match Funded Catalyst Funding. 

The Trust manages Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, a historic 45 acre Victorian cemetery that is an important place of wildlife, heritage, and memory, as well as still being a working cemetery.


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A New Lease of Life For Arnos Vale

lease-signing-TrustArnos Vale Cemetery, one of the UK's finest Victorian 'Arcadian' garden cemeteries, has now reached an important milestone in its journey towards long term sustainability, thanks to the signing of a new, 125-year lease agreement between Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust (AVCT) and Bristol City Council.

In the 1980's Arnos Vale Cemetery fell into serious decline and when the owner announced his intentions to close the site in the 1990's concerned members of the community campaigned tirelessly to keep it open.  Eventually in 2003 Bristol City Council compulsorily purchased Arnos Vale Cemetery. 

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