A new garden in Arnos Vale Cemetery for our community

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May 1, 2019

A new garden in Arnos Vale Cemetery for our community

Bee on common restharrow

Bee on common restharrow

Exciting changes are underway near the Totterdown boundary of Arnos Vale, where our Estate Team and volunteers are busy creating our new Community Garden. The area of land was overgrown and unsightly for many years, having been unmanaged since the former out-building (previously used by site workers) became derelict in the 1990’s.

A new beginning

We are breathing new life into the area, by creating a wildlife-friendly garden which will be planted and maintained by voluntary community groups and individual members of the public. Our vision is for the garden to be vibrant and sensory and for it to benefit the ecology on site, the people working on it and anyone who uses it.


The garden will include 12 raised beds, two of which will be accessible for wheelchair users, a wildlife pond and dipping platform, a small storage shed, several new fruit trees, a composting area, bird and bat boxes and plenty of flowering plants. Groups will be invited to plant native bulbs, herbs, annual and perennial flowers and shrubs in their allocated raised beds. Butterfly and bee-friendly plants will be encouraged, to create a garden which provides food and habitat for these beautiful insects which are so vital to good garden health and biodiversity.


We have planned this project carefully, using lots of recycled and sustainably-produced material wherever possible. The footpath is mostly made up of concrete blocks from the former derelict building, which were crushed and reused on site. The raised beds and shed are made of Welsh-grown European larch; a timber which is naturally resistant to decay, so we aren’t introducing nasty chemicals. The living sedum shed roof harvests rainwater which we will use to water the garden, and we salvaged the timbers which form the pond from a nearby building site.

We’re really looking forward to people using our Community Garden for recreation, education and quiet reflection and we hope it will be appreciated by the community. We’re now inviting groups to get involved, so if you’re interested, please contact nick.bull@arnsovale.org.uk

We’ll be officially opening the garden on Thursday 11th July at 2pm, and everyone is welcome.

If you’d like to know more about the tours and talks we have at Arnos Vale please go to our events page

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