The Books of Remembrance are displayed in our West Lodge

Books of Remembrance

A page or two is allocated to each day of the year and the pages are turned daily. Historically, entries tended to be added on the date of death but you may like to add a loved ones entry on a date that is more significant to you such as a birthday or anniversary. You may also like to add a comment in your new entry about a previous relative who was added on another date, linking them together for future generations to see. We are more than happy to help or advise on wording and how entries can be linked in this way.

Each entry into the Books of Remembrance is hand-written in beautiful script and fine inks by a professional calligrapher. Entries are available in two, five or eight line additions with the option to add a flower, emblem, motif or coat of arms. Memorial cards and miniature books of remembrance are also available to order for those wishing to keep a record at home or to pass on to relatives or friends. The Books of Remembrance have been digitally scanned, so you can view records up to February 2010 and before from the comfort of your own home.