A tranquil resting place in a vibrant landscape


Arnos Vale is a unique cemetery and beloved Bristol landmark.

Established at the start of Queen Victoria’s reign, its architects created a scenic garden for gentle recreation and respectful remembrance of those who had passed. Following this tradition, Arnos Vale has been re-established as a serene final resting place, a beautiful natural landscape, and a welcoming location that encourages visitors to celebrate life and remember those who’ve passed.

Arnos Vale has also opened their first Natural Burial Woodland as part of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds adhering to a strict environmentally friendly code of conduct. Download our burial Guidance Notes. This page is an overview of the services we offer, though it’s often easier to talk in person. Our Cemetery Service Co-ordinator Vanessa Spencer is always on hand to talk through your requirements and answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to call: 0117 971 9117

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It is extraordinary, humbling and magical.



Arnos Vale is the best version of a cemetery I know and I am ‘glad’ to have them watching over some of my relatives.



Get in touch regards locating the resting place of family members.

Arnos Vale maintains digitally scanned records of all burials and cremations from 1839 to August 2003. These, and the more recent records, can be manually searched by our trained staff to find information about the deceased.

There are five options for searching Arnos Vale Cemetery’s records, offering different levels of information. These range from a simple confirmation of burial or scattering, to full information including photographs.

For each search we need to know the full name of the person you wish to find and, if known, the date of burial or the year of death. Fees must be paid before the search is undertaken, and apply whether a record is found or not.

Please apply for a record search via the button below and send payment for the correct amount with reference to your search details. Cheques to be made payable to Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust. For any queries telephone 0117 971 9117 or email vanessa.spencer@arnosvale.org.uk.

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