A tranquil resting place in a vibrant landscape


Interment of Ashes

You can purchase a new cremation plot to bury a casket of ashes. Traditional plots are available for up to two sets of ashes in caskets. The Natural Burial Woodland has single cremation plots only. Cremation plots are marked with a memorial stone – we’d be pleased to talk through the options with you.

Ashes can be interred within an existing family grave as long as the exclusive rights of burial for the grave are up to date.

Scattering of Ashes

There are two peaceful and very well-maintained Gardens of Rest close to Ceremonial Way for the scattering of ashes.

If you have family members who’ve previously been scattered here, but are unsure which Garden of Rest was used, we can check our records for you so that the same garden can be used.

Please note that Arnos Vale does not have a crematorium.

To contact our Cemetery Services Manager, please email vanessa.spencer@arnosvale.org.uk.

Some families choose to have a small informal ceremony at the time of interment or scattering of ashes. Our staff can be on hand to say a few words to mark the occasion if you choose.

You can also hold a funeral, reception or wake here.


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