Alfred John Smith
August 25, 2016
Joseph Dodge Weston
August 25, 2016
Alfred John SmithMayor of Bristol1833 to 1893
August 25, 2016
Joseph Dodge WestonMayor of Bristol1833 to 1893
August 25, 2016

Six times Mayor


The ornate memorial of Charles Wathen

1862_advertisment for Wathen, Gardiner and Co ready made clothing

Charles Wathen was Mayor of Bristol six times and was also chairman of the Grateful Society. a successfull wool merchant.  He was well known for making moleskin trousers and he had a clothing import and export business.

He was also an Alderman, Justice of the Peace and had been made a Knight by Queen Victoria in 1889.

Sudden death at work

He died suddenly whilst in the council chambers, probably of a heart attack.  He was known to have a heart condition but also worked very long hours, putting his heart at risk.

This substantial monument is just behind the bushes on the Ceremonial Way to the right of the café.  Please avoid stepping on the big stone in front of the monument which has ‘Entrance’ inscribed on it.

To find out more about Bristol Mayors, check out Dave Napiers blog.

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Charles Wathen<span class="ag_notability">Botanist and funghi Specialist</span><span class="ag_event_date"><i class="icon-calendar"></i>1807 to 1876</span>
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