It’s beginning to feel a lot like an Arnos Vale Christmas!

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November 15, 2019
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It’s beginning to feel a lot like an Arnos Vale Christmas!

Volunteers with Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are here!

Welcome the festive season by finding some peaceful moments in our woods, away from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush. Take a moment to wander through tranquil, magical Arnos Vale. Potter down to our main entrance to find your perfect Christmas tree and some festive cheer in our shop.

Our trees range in size from 4′ right up to 8′. The trees are all Premium Nordman Firs and are priced from £25 depending on the size.

What makes our trees special?

  • By buying a tree from us you are actively helping to protect and enhance this special place. As a charity any money we make through Christmas tree sales and sales in our shop are put back directly into looking after this wonderful landscape.
  • Our fantastic volunteers help to sell our trees, they’ll work with you to find the most wonderful tree for you.
  • Love – all our trees come with added love! If you love Arnos Vale, Bristol or just green places, our trees are perfect for you.

And don’t forget to check out our Christmas events; we’re screening Elf, Die Hard, Gremlins and Nightmare Before Christmas in our candlelit Anglican Chapel throughout December.

How to buy

If you wish to purchase a Christmas tree please pop into the Gift Shop, located in the East Lodge building, to the left as you enter Arnos Vale through the main gates just off the Bath Road. We are open from 10am until 4pm every day.


Pot Grown 80-100cm £26.00

X Small 100-125cm £25.00

Small 125-150cm £32.00

Medium 150-175cm £43.00

Large 175-200cm £51.00

Extra Large 200-225cm – from £66.00

Extra Extra Large 225cm plus – From £80.00


Can we choose the tree ourselves?

Yes of course.  Come along any day of the week between 10am and 4pm and you can choose a tree from those we have on display.  If you don’t see the size you require please ask. We have other sizes available that are in storage and one of our team can always have a look for you.  All trees are netted for ease of transportation.

Do the needles drop quickly from the trees?

All our trees are premium Nordman Fir and the needle drop on these trees are minimal.  Each tree has a beautiful even fall all the way around, very full and bushy. Caring for the trees is easy – when you take your tree home, saw off about 3cm from the bottom to ensure this opens up the pores in the bark. Do not place your tree directly in front of a heat source and you must water it regularly.  Provided you stick to these simple rules then your tree from Arnos Vale should last to the end of the year.

Why would I consider buying a Pot Grown Tree?

Pot grown trees are trees that have been grown in their pots from seedlings. These have a higher chance of survival after Christmas. Pot grown trees need to be watered regularly and at no point should they be left to dry out, as this will harm the tree. It may be beneficial to re-pot the tree into a larger container, especially if you want to keep it for the next season. We would recommend that any trees over 5ft tall are re-potted or planted outside for future Christmases.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately not, however you are welcome to park onsite – maybe even pop into the café for a hot chocolate and buy a new sparkly Christmas decoration from the shop?

Where do they come from?

We buy from a local forestry supplier with over 30 acres of Christmas tree plantation.

Why the Nordman Fir?

The Nordman Fir is the most commonly available of the Christmas tree firs. Nordmans have fantastic needle retention, dark green glossy needles and dense attractive foliage. The trees are pruned to give a good full and uniform shape throughout their growing cycle. An ideal all-season Christmas tree due to their soft needles that do not drop readily as the tree becomes drier.

Is the netting recyclable?

Unfortunately not, however when you get your lovely Christmas tree home, before you throw the net away please tie it in as tight a knot, that way wildlife won’t get tangled up in it. If you know of a biodegradable netting, or can suggest another way for us to wrap up the tree’s for transporting home please drop Elspeth a line (email below)

What should I do with my tree after Christmas?

We recommend using Bristol Waste Company’s free Christmas tree collection. Your collection calendar has a yellow tree symbol on the day trees will be collected from your home. Please put your tree out where you would put your normal refuse or recycling. Real trees only please – they are used to make compost.

For any enquiries regarding Christmas trees please email  or call: 0117 971 9117


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