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September 11, 2016
William Brock
July 7, 2021
Mary CarpenterAwarded Victoria Cross1873 to 1946
September 11, 2016
William BrockAwarded Victoria Cross1873 to 1946
July 7, 2021

Daniel Burgess VCAwarded Victoria Cross1873 to 1946

Awarded the Victoria Cross for Bravery

During WW1, the 45 year old was a temporary lieutenant-colonel in The Gloucestershire Regiment commanding the 7th (S) Battalion, The South Wales Borderers, British Army. At the Battle of Doiran on 18 September 1918 at Jumeaux, in the Balkans, the following deed took place for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Daniel completed a valuable reconnaissance of the enemy front line trenches which enabled his entire battalion, without casualties, to get to the assembly point. However, while some distance from their military objective, the battalion came under severe machine-gun fire. Although Daniel was wounded, he continued to lead his men with skill and courage until he was hit again twice and fell unconscious. Eventually he was taken prisoner by the Bulgarians, but was abandoned in a dug-out with one of his legs shattered. He was awarded the VC for his dedication and

‘For most conspicuous bravery, skilful leading and devotion to duty in the operations at Jumeaux’ – London Gazette, 14 December 1918

Personal timeline

Daniel Burgess, or Daniel Burges was born on the 1st July 1873 in Bloomsbury, London. His parents were Daniel Travers Burges the Fourth and Alice Sarah Travers.

He was educated at Winchester College.

He was married twice, first in 1905 to Katherine Blanche Fortescue who died 1931, and then in 1932 to Florence Wray Taylor.

He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in October 1893 and joined the Gloucestershire Regiment on the 29th November 1894.

In July 1897 he was promoted Lieutenant.

During the Boer War (1899 to 1901) he was on the Staff of the 2nd Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment.

October 1903 he was promoted to Captain.

September 1915 he was promoted to Major.

Daniel Burges was invested with his Victoria Cross by King George V at Buckingham Palace on the 21st December 1918

1918 He became Inspector of Quartermaster Services, War Office.

1921 He became Commandant of the Military Detention Barracks in Cologne, Germany.

1923 He became Resident Governor Major of the Tower of London.

1933 Retired and moved to Bristol.

He died on the 24th October 1946 in Bristol.

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Daniel Burgess VC<span class="ag_notability">Murdered</span><span class="ag_event_date"><i class="icon-calendar"></i>1914 to 1946</span>
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