Arnos Vale Heritage

A Rich, Unique, & Varied History

Our history...

A Garden Cemetery

Queen Victoria was new to the throne when Arnos Vale opened in 1839.

Arnos Vale was to be a garden cemetery, inspired by the Père-Lachaise in Paris and later, London's Kensal Green. By then, Bristol's old parish graveyards were overcrowded, and a health hazard. The Bristol General Cemetery Company was set up to provide a stylish yet spacious alternative.

It bought land in the outlying and picturesque village of Brislington. Putting forward plans for a cemetery that would be filled with sunlight, fresh air, trees and shrubs, with its architecture and landscaping designed to echo classical Greece.

To Wilderness then Restoration

In 1987 locals formed the Association for the Preservation of Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Alarmed by news that the private owner of the Cemetery had announced plans to clear and commercially develop a large section of the Cemetery, they campaigned to secure a safe future for Arnos Vale, supported by the Bristol council, Bristol citizens and many people worldwide.

The group later became known as the Friends of Arnos Vale. The Friends have authored a fascinating overview of the cemeteries history from the cirumstances which led to its creation to their invaluable work to secure it's future.

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