Crystal bowl Sound Bath with Sarah Walsh

Day of the Dead Workshop
October 2, 2018
Crystal Sound Bath with Sarah Walsh
Crystal bowl Sound Bath with Sarah Walsh CANCELLED
October 18, 2018

Crystal bowl Sound Bath with Sarah Walsh

Crystal Sound Bath with Sarah Walsh
  • October 24, 2018
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Come and enjoy a quartz crystal bowl sound bath and sink into the vibration of the full moon. A full moon is when the moon is directly opposite the earth from the sun and seen as fully illuminated from earth – it is thought to be a time of completion & celebration.

Quartz crystal singing bowls are beautiful conduits of crystalline light energy/vibration. They support the mind to fast track into a relaxed meditative state. People have describe previous sound baths as’:

“I could have lay there forever- I loved being immersed in the bowl sounds and vibration, the bowls make such an angelic, other worldly sound”
“The sound went right into parts of my body, it was so relaxing’
“It was amazing, I could feel the vibration of the bowls through the ground’ and ‘ it was so relaxing, I fell asleep’.
“The bowls sound like nothing I’ve heard before…amazing’

For more information on the meditative properties of quartz crystal bowls please go to:
Pay on door £15, no need to book – Tea and chocolate provided
Please bring a comfy mat to lie on, a blanket to keep warm and anything else you need to be comfortable lying on the floor for 45 mins. There are chairs for people who prefer to sit.

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