Taster Mindful Photography Workshop with Look Again

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May 23, 2017
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Mindful Photography Workshop with Look Again
May 31, 2017

Taster Mindful Photography Workshop with Look Again

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  • Look Again workshop
    August 20, 2017
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

“Slow down and see Arnos Vale Cemetery with new eyes”

In this taster workshop as part of the Arnos Vale Wellness Weekend, you will use mindfulness, walking and photography to look again at the world around you. You will learn to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. You will experience the opposite of ‘snapping away’.

As well as improve your photography skills, the workshop will help you slow down, reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

The photography side of things is kept simple, low tech and fun. You can use any device you choose, from a mobile phone, tablet or a digital camera. The workshop is suitable for all abilities and levels of photography experience.

“A very different approach to taking photos. I felt free to really focus on what I was seeing and saw so much more. It reminded me to slow down and see the little moments of beauty of interest. To remember that these ‘bits’ of life are always there!” Jenny Barton

“A friendly, gentle, mindful approach to photography in a fantastic setting.” Adie Risborough

Ruth developed this mindful approach to photography when she experienced mental health challenges some time back. “I have lived experience of how using photography, mindfulness and being in nature can help to improve my own health and wellbeing and now want to share the benefits of this approach with others.”

Cost: £20

For more details please visit the Look Again website or contact Ruth Davey on 07789 958895 ruth@look-again.org

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