Women, Be Yourself AND Communicate Effectively

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Understanding Menglish (or communication differences between men and women).
November 9, 2017
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‘Pop up’ Reflexology & Indian Head Massage with Be Therapies
November 9, 2017

Women, Be Yourself AND Communicate Effectively

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  • April 17, 2018
    9:30 am - 12:00 pm

A two hour seminar to look at some of the differences in communication styles between men and women in the workplace and how women can use language more effectively and make their voices heard. It is not about teaching women to be like men, more about how to be successful without compromising your essential self. We look at some of the work Dr Judith Baxter has published on how women behave in the boardroom, what drives men mad about women’s talk (knowledge is power) and how we sometimes unintentionally put ourselves down by some of the things we say and the way we say them. To repeat, it’s not about making women behave like men. It is about increasing your understanding and awareness and making informed choices.

The seminar is given by Jane C Woods, author of the international confidence boosting course for women, RenewYou and MD of Changing People, a business dedicated to gender equality. It’s fun and light hearted (and definitely not a whinge about men) and based on actual research (references/book list given). The second half of the seminar is an opportunity for you to reflect on how the information shared impacts on you on a daily basis and how you can make this knowledge actively advance your career. It’s also a great networking opportunity as you work with some like minded professional women

Each seminar costs £49.50. The cafe is open for hot drinks and Jane will be available from 9.30am.

You may also be interested in How To Speak Menglish (or communication differences between men and women) on Tue 6th March. Women booking both seminars at the same time will receive a follow up one to one coaching session from Jane worth £100. Contact jane@changingpeople.co.uk to ask any questions or click this link to book.

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