Mindful Photography Workshop

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September 24, 2019
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Mindful Photography Workshop

Mindfulness Photography Workshop with Look Again
  • October 26, 2019
    10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Discover a mindful approach to the art of photography in the stunning grounds of Arnos Vale Cemetery. Learn to look and really see!

In this workshop you slow down and use photography, mindfulness, and walking in nature to look again at the world around you. You learn to take notice in the present moment, and see the extraordinary in the ordinary. You experience the opposite of ‘snapping away’. As well as improve your photography skills, the workshop helps you reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

Early Bird tickets are £49 if you book before 6th Oct and Standard Tickets are £59 – you can book them on Eventbrite

You start off indoors, in the Anglican Chapel, exploring how to look and see differently, before going on a gentle walk around Arnos Vale Cemetery, taking photos in a calm and mindful way of the beautiful environment of this truly inspiring and peaceful place.

The photography side of things is kept simple, low tech and fun. You can use any device you choose – mobile phone, tablet or a digital camera. The workshop is suitable for all abilities and levels of photography experience. Ruth will advise about certain technical aspects if required, but the focus is very much on looking and seeing, and creating photographs while being in the present moment. You do not need previous experience of mindfulness.

For more information about the Look Again approach to mindful photography visit www.look-again.org

Testimonials from previous participants at Arnos Vale workshops:

“A good reminder to slow down and make each photo count or mean something. The workshop reminded me to see the beauty in things I would normally walk past and not notice.”Marcus Clark

“Such a lovely workshop, bringing together two areas I feel really passionate about – basic techniques of mindfulness and photography. I have always found photography relaxing but maybe not realised why. Now Iwill be able to build on this and enjoy my hobby even more.”Hannah Bemand

“It was good to be at the cemetery – it’s a very evocative place and perfect for the workshop. It encouraged me to take time to focus in on things; to consider things in detail; to relax and enjoy the process of taking photos rather than stress about the camera etc.”Jill Humphrey

“I liked the fact that photography experience or ‘fancy kit’ wasn’t necessary. I will take more time in my day-to-day just to look and really notice the details around me.”Charlotte Ewins

“Very well presented and accommodated individual levels.”Alison Ewins

“The venue is beautiful and ideal for a mindfulness practice.”Jo Harper

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