Questioning the Dead with Marcus Coates Friday 28th October 6.20

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September 21, 2016
The Anglican Chapel at Arnos Vale
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September 27, 2016

Questioning the Dead with Marcus Coates Friday 28th October 6.20

  • Questioning the Dead
    October 28, 2016
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

People have been speaking to the dead for thousands of years and for many different reasons so come and Question the Dead with artist Marcus Coates.

Watch or join in with an amazing artistic chorus in the Night time cemetery. Ask or hear questions asked of the dead in coming together of voices. Questions that can’t be answered, that are important,or that we all ask are posed to those resting in Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Do people believe the dead are listening? Not necessarily, but the need to speak out loud in a way that might seem irrational to some is an important form of expression for others. Some speak to passed loved ones to continue their bond and familiarity or to say things that weren’t said when they could have been heard. Others speak to the dead for religious or spiritual reasons, to an inhabited imagined world beyond our physical comprehension. Often though, it is the simple voicing of worries or concerns, maybe a question without the expectation of an answer or response.

Want to be in the chorus?  Then reserve a chorus ticket.  You will get to meet and work with Marcus.  We just need you to arrive at 5pm (before the rest of the audience) to practice and go through your questions.

The questions are all produced by the public in the weeks before the event

Want to submit a question?  Follow this link or by submitting them on site or via social media Facebook- twitter

The bar, exhibitions and building will be open until 9pm and after the performance, night tours of the cemetery are also available to book on our events page. Follow the link to book your ticket.

Chorus Ticket – Please arrive by 5pm

Audience Ticket – Please arrive by 6pm.  Performance is at 6.20pm

About the artist -‘Marcus Coates identifies a need in society to ask personal questions in public, but also to approach our answering in radically different ways. He is best known for his performances and installations that employ shamanistic rituals to engage with social and political questions, including School of Imagination, 2013, where Coates trained a group of participants to help answer questions for policy makers at City Hall, London.’

Don’t forget to share your questions with us on site, on FB or twitter.

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