Challenge your perspectives with Funzing talks

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Challenge your perspectives with Funzing talks

The Rillington Place Murders

We are very proud to be hand picked by Funzing for a series of incredible talks, starting with The Rillington Place Murders on Thursday 24th May.

Funzing Talks is a new concept which aims to re-invent your after work drinks. They have pulled together an impressive array of leading entrepreneurs, intellectuals, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to inspire your evenings.

On Wednesday 30th May Sian Luxford will be here sharing her knowledge on Amazonian Plants and Indigenous Pattern. The pharmacy of the Amazonia’s has the potential to cure all the main diseases that are to this day causing suffering to human kind, the erosion of the rainforest is the erosion of ourselves. This talk focuses on connecting people to the Amazon through an interactive experience & includes a free mayan cacao taster, to highlight importance of preserving the sacred knowledge.

Dr David Luke, the senior lecturer at will be joining us on 14th June to talk about Death, DMT & Discarnate Entiities. A misadventure into magic, myth, folklore and potent neurohacking chemicals. This talk discusses both the scientific and the mystical understanding of people’s experiences of visionary encounters with discarnate beings…

Death might not be certain, though taxes, probably are. Why We Die and the Science Behind it lecture on Wednesday 20th June features the immortal jelly fish, the world’s slowest bacteria and the trip Darwin took to a séance. Biologist Simon Watt delves into the surprising science behind why we die, and what the alternatives might be. Come satisfy your morbid curiosity.

Delve into a totally new subject and challenge your perspectives over a drink with like-minded Bristolians. Funzing will always encourage you to do something different with your free time – you never know where it may lead you!

Tickets are £12 and you can buy them from the  Funzing website

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