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August 28, 2016
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James KellyPhilanthropist1805 to 1898
August 28, 2016
William Henry TrotmanPhilanthropist1805 to 1898
August 29, 2016

George MüllerPhilanthropist1805 to 1898


George Muller

George was a Christian evangelist and the director of the Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England. He was one of the founders of the Plymouth Brethren movement. He cared for 10,024 orphans during his lifetime, and provided educational opportunities for the orphans to the point that he was even accused by some of raising the poor above their natural station in British life. He established 117 schools which offered Christian education to more than 120,000. Through all this, Müller never made requests for financial support, nor did he go into debt, even though the five homes cost more than £100,000 to build.

He has two grave markers, one lying down and a large black one standing up.  This marker was placed by many of those he had cared for during his life.  Due to all his good works, his funeral was very large and stretched for at least a mile.

After his life, his work was continued by The George Müller Foundation, which was renamed The George Müller Charitable Trust on 1 March 2009. The Trust maintains Georges key principle of seeking money through prayer alone – it actively shuns fund-raising activities.


To find the grave of George Muller, go up the steps to the right of the café and turn left to walk up the ‘Long Path’ about 100 yards and the grave is on the left by some steps leading down the slope.

George Müller’s Funeral 1898

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George Müller<span class="ag_notability">Botanist and funghi Specialist</span><span class="ag_event_date"><i class="icon-calendar"></i>1807 to 1876</span>
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