Halloween events 2018

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August 29, 2018
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September 27, 2018

Halloween events 2018

Arnos Vale at Halloween

You’ll find Halloween events galore at Arnos Vale this October and November. Discover Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes in the Anglican Chapel, leave logic at the door with the Bristol Fiction Writers Group, or secretly explore the 45 acres of spectacular Victorian Garden Cemetery. Learn more about the procedure of an autopsy with Carla Valentine, find images of widows in trailing black veils and discover the great and good women of Bristol on a special guided tour.

Here are our top 6 events for Halloween 2018:

  1. Frankenstein – A story of creation, rejection, love and disaster. In an attempt to defy death Frankenstein creates a creature, a monster that is both childlike in its innocence but repulsive in its form. The horror stricken Frankenstein drives out the bewildered monster into an unforgiving world where it is met with cruelty and pain wherever it goes. Broken and desperate the creature determines to cause its creator the same crippling pain, and those that the Doctor loves most are going to suffer. Red Rope are back, be prepared to hear a tale that’s been told for over 200 years
  2. Day of the Dead Altar – a traditional Ofrenda by Otomi and Viva Los Muertos. You are welcome to visit the altar and place any photos of your loved ones who have passed on, as way of remembering and celebrating them.
  3. The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes
  4. The Great Sea Choir – Join Bristol’s contemporary-folk choir for an atmospheric and immersive night of song
  5. Jet Black: An introduction to Victorian mourning – In modern society, we are taught that funerals need to be quick affairs, that mourning is excessive and that dwelling on one’s grief is morbid. However, the latter part of the 19th century begged to differ. The era of Victorian death practice was an excess like no other. Find out more at this talk by Kate Cherrell
  6. Stomping Story – Funnybones

Want to see more? Go to the full list on our events page

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