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December 7, 2021
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December 24, 2021

The Cemetery is now more accessible because of repairs to the paths.

Some of our worn out paths have been repaired funded by a grant from the Postcode Local Trust.  We love the fact that our visitors enjoy exploring the site, and use it as a safe way to get school, the shops, the park and just around the local area.  Our site is also part of the Brislington Green Trail, so generally we get a lot of footfall.  However all this activity has had an impact on our paths and some were in serious need of repair and we hope you like the result. 

Two routes have had special attention, the Coombe Bottom path past the Underwood Centre and the route from Arnos Court Park.  Both of these paths are well used  and we would like to thank our visitors for their patience when they had to be closed. We hope you appreciate the huge different in usability.  

We've still got a bit more work to do to blend the paths into the background a little but whilst they are still very new, try to spot the drainage channels that have been added in to make the paths safer in the winter months.

We've had lots of lovely comments from visitors already.

Some people are delighted that its much easier to push a pram up the hill:

'We were there yesterday making use of this path - it had previously been a struggle with a pushchair and it was great to be able to use this path! '- Jo

Others were pleased that its much smoother under foot:

"Awesome [I'm] not always steady on feet" - Barbara

If you want to walk off some of your Christmas dinner and take a stroll in the beautiful landscape then do check our opening times.

Our vehicle gates are open 9am - 4pm every day throughout the festive period for anyone wishing to visit. The pedestrian gates are open all the time. 

We look forward to welcoming you and if you want to discover the landscape then pop into our shop for a map or download one.


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