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December 9, 2020
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January 26, 2021

We are, once again selling our air seasoned logs from the Gift Shop open 10.30am – 4pm every day. The logs are from ash and sycamore trees that have been self seeded here on the beautiful 45 acres of Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Our logs are £8 per bag, kindling is £8 and natural firelighters are £5.50 per box. The kindling is made near Wells, from local joinery offcuts and the firelighters are manufactured in Heredfordshire. As a registered charity we rely on the income from events and firewood sales to keep us going. Every single penny that we generate goes directly into keeping this totally unique, place of love and heritage running.

Our logs are seasoned on site

We use metal air cages and harness the gentle breeze that mother nature provides; a traditional drying technique that has been around for thousands of years. The logs are seasoned between 6 months and a year. This is much more eco-friendly than kiln drying and achieves a far better burn too. Our qualified Estates team supervise and support our volunteers who split the logs into lengths that are just right for your home burner. We have been providing these fabulous logs to the community for over 10 years. Did you know our volunteers have achieved ‘The Queen’s award  for Voluntary Service? It’s the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK.

Kiln dried logs

Unless advertised as British, many kiln dried products sold in the UK are imported from Eastern Europe. This further adds to the carbon footprint and environmental impact. Fossils fuels are used in the kiln drying process, making it much less sustainable than ours. Often these logs burn too quickly because they have been artificially dried to an unnecessary low moisture content. Wood is a natural breathable product so unless you store such logs in a fully dry and well-ventilated area the moisture content can begin to increase. Our logs are almost carbon neutral – a negligible amount used when cutting occurs.

The Clean Air Strategy

The Clean Air Strategy sets out the government’s plans for dealing with all sources of air pollution, making our air healthier to breathe and protecting nature. The moisture levels of our logs are checked and are compliant with the guidelines. We will only sell logs when they are well below 20% moisture.

We sell logs that burn well

Our bags contain over 90% ash. There may be some sycamore and other hard woods. We take a pride in only offering woods that burn well. No elm or horse-chestnut in there!

We even reuse our bags

Generous local brewers give us their empty malt sacks. Please return your empty bags so we can fill them up all over again!

Ash dieback

Ash dieback is a highly destructive disease of ash trees; however, it is perfectly safe to use ash logs that have been affected. The spores are only harmful to other ash trees when they are in leaf. Ash dries out wonderfully fast, once felled. You can find out more about our response to Ash dieback on site in this blog by Liam, our Estates Supervisor. You may also be interested to learn more about this disease from the National Trust and from Forest Research, the principal organisation for forestry and tree related research.

Please don’t remove logs or branches from the site

Everything within the site, including fallen branches and logs is the property of Arnos Vale Cemetery. This means removing anything without consent is considered theft. Please contact us on if you’d like to buy some green wood to season at home. Some logs and branches may look abandoned, but they provide a valuable service to the ecosystem. Something we are passionate about supporting. You can find out more about deadwood habitats from the Woodland Trust.

Can I buy green logs from you to season at home?

We are selling green ash logs to be split and seasoned at home which is permitted under the new Clean Air Strategy. The price is obviously dependent on quantity, but it would be cheaper than the cost of our seasoned firewood. We can deliver tipper loads of logs either as long lengths that would require crosscutting (with a chainsaw), splitting and seasoning, or as crosscut pieces that would require splitting and seasoning only.  All the revenue from log sales goes a little way towards covering the cost of removal.

Can you help us?

As a charity we’re facing hugely difficult times,  please donate if you can. Help to support this magical, special place by donating: Text ‘ARNOS’ to 70085 to donate £5. This costs £5 plus a standard rate message or set up a regular donation at Virgin Money Giving

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