Mark Cottrell
September 11, 2016
Mary Carpenter
September 11, 2016
Mark CottrellMayor, philanthropist 1783 to 1857
September 11, 2016
Mary CarpenterMayor, philanthropist 1783 to 1857
September 11, 2016

Sir John Kerle HaberfieldMayor, philanthropist 1783 to 1857

South West born and bred

John Haberfield born in Devonport, Devon. His father was Andrew Haberfield. He was educated at Plymouth Grammar and later became an Attorney and Solicitor. In 1928 he married Sarah DuPont in Clifton Bristol.

A stone inscribed with Mr haberfields name

A philanthropist and supporter of the city.

In 1851 Haberfield was living with his wife Sarah and the census shows his address as York Crescent Clifton in 1851. The census also records him as a Knight of the Realm and Mayor of Bristol. He was infact mayor of Bristol six times during his life! In 1837, 1838, 1845, 1848, 1849 and 1850.

In 1838 he was president of the Dolphin Society which is an organisation still in existence helping older and disabled people on low incomes in the Bristol area to live independently and safely in their own homes.

1840 president of the Grateful Society another charity that still exists and supports older people.

He was eventually Knighted for his works for the city.

Deeply mourned

The Bristol Mercury of 2nd January 1858 reported that,

‘On the day of his funeral flags were flying at half mast, shutters in the Council House were closed. All the vessels in the harbour were at half mast and various church bells were rung with muffled peals.’

Interred in the Crypt

Sir John is entombed in the vaults beneath the Anglican Chapel and this memorial is on the wall inside the chapel. Memorial reads :-

In memory of

Sir John Kerle Haberfield Knight

Born 23rd October 1785 Died 27th December 1857

He served the office of Mayor of the City of Bristol six times

And was seven times Governor of the Corporation of the Poor

The generous hospitality and bountiful charity which distinguished his life will

Long be remembered in the city the interests of which he was always the first to promote

He was ever ready to assist those struggling with pecuniary difficulties and to relieve the poor

He died universally beloved and lamented in an affectionate regard for his memory

His friends have erected a monument in the Mayors Chapel in Bristol

To perpetuate his worth and their loss

His widow pays this last tribute of deep affection to her husband

In the place where his remains are interred

Also in remembrance of Sarah widow of the above

Who died at her residence 41 Royal York Crescent Clifton

“Full of good works and alms deeds” she died  IX ACTS..36

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Sir John Kerle Haberfield<span class="ag_notability">Murdered</span><span class="ag_event_date"><i class="icon-calendar"></i>1914 to 1946</span>
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