Support the Arnos Vale Community Garden Crowdfunder

A virtual View of the Spielman
March 8, 2018
A virtual View of the Spielman
March 8, 2018

Support the Arnos Vale Community Garden Crowdfunder

We want to turn an unloved and neglected area into a beautiful community garden for all.

We need to raise £4000 as quickly as we can. If we do, Better Bristol will match it.

Whats this all about? The Garden Project

This garden project will  turn a very negelected area  into a beautiful accessible community garden.  It will have a range of sections designed to be managed and worked by a variety of members of the community, local groups and nearby schools. The garden will be open to all visitors to the site to enjoy and relax in.

Why build the garden?
The garden will create a community focal point for all,  in a lovely green space.  It  will also provide a range of native, wildlife friendly plants and spaces that will provide shelter and food to the large number of invertebrates that inhabit Arnos Vale.

It will provide an opportunity for local people to get involved in looking after it, making it a community and social resource.
Much of the grounds in the cemetery have been improved with support from our volunteers, but this project will focus on this one particularly visable area which is at the top of cemetery right next to a well used regular on-foot route. Due to its neglected and dilapidated state the area now suffers from fly tipping and general litter accumulation.

Project Phases

Phase one: Planning and clearing the garden area with a volunteer team. Recruiting volunteer groups to plant and manage the garden, undertaken by Janine the Public Engagement Manager
Phase two: Creation of the main garden plots. Installation of wildlife friendly features like bird boxes, bug hotels and feeders.
Phase three: Planting of garden with community groups and local organisations. Followed by an opening party.

The project will be led by Nick and Liam who work to manage the beautiful landscape of Arnos Vale but will be well supported by our team of dedicated volunteers.

How can you get involved?

Pledge, share and volunteer.

The #BetterBristol match-fund campaign aims to support and promote the activities of organisations in the city with a passion for positive change. It is delivered by Bristol Green Capital Partnership community interest company who are investing £45,000 in local ideas and projects that will contribute to making Bristol a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all. The Better Bristol match-fund campaign will help to make these ideas and projects a reality by offering coaching and support to crowdfunders, and awarding grants of between £3,000 and £4,000 to eligible projects who have first gained support ‘from the crowd’ by crowdfunding the first 50% of their overall target.

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Support the Arnos Vale Community Garden Crowdfunder
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