Anna Russell (nee Worsley)
March 25, 2024
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Uriah Alsop – Businessman
July 11, 2024
Anna Russell (nee Worsley)Reverend and supported the needy1839 to 1901
March 25, 2024
Victorian imaged advertising furniture
Uriah Alsop – BusinessmanReverend and supported the needy1839 to 1901
July 11, 2024

Urijah Rees ThomasReverend and supported the needy1839 to 1901

Urijah was the well known and respected Non-Conformist Minister of Redland Park for over 40 years. He was involved in various charity especially those helping children and their education.

Early life

Uriah was born in Temby, Pembrokeshire to parents David and mother Elinor. By 1851 the whole family were living in Brixton. 

At 16 he joined the post office and then the National League Newspaper Company

At the age of 18 studied at Cheshunt( theological college) Cambridge.

Minister and leader

Around 1861 he became the Minister of Redland Park  United Reforrm Church from it’s opening and continued as the minister until his death in 1901. The church was brand new and cost £4,8000 which is around £716,000 in today's money.

Uriah was heavily involved in many charities and good works.  He was on the Bristol School Board from 1874 helping to run the Bristol schools and continued on the board for 27 years. In 1884 he founded the Children’s Help Society which included ha’penny dinners, free boots, and summers holiday camps for poor children.

Uriah has strong views on the evils of alcohol but surprisingly for a man of the Victorian era he was also pro women's rights.

    Long lasting friendship

For most of his life in Bristol Uriah lived with the Wilberforce Tribe and his family until his death. Wilberforce and Uriah are buried next to each other and Uriah actually conducted his friends funeral as Mr and Mrs Tribe died shortly before him. When Uriah died in 1901 he left all his wordly goods to the youngest unmarried daughter of the Tribes, Mabel Newton Tribe as he never married and the Tribe's were like his family. In the picture, Uriah's grave is the cross and anchor on the left, and the Wilberforce grave is to the right.


On the 8th March 1901 he died of pneumonia which developed after he caught a cold whilst conductig a funeral in Arnos Vale in February.

His funeral was very well attended and he was very well respected by many different religious leaders and as his coffin passed down park street, the Catherdral bells were rang, despite him being a non-conformist minister.

To find his grave, head to the Spielman Centre and take the steps to the right near the bike racks.

Memorialisation - The Reverand Urijah Rees Thomas

A covered fountain stands at the top of Blackboy Hill, near the Downs in Bristol. It was erected in 1903 to the memory of Urijah Thomas, Minister at Redland Park Congregational Church.
"This fountain Was set up in memory of The Rev Urijah Rees Thomas By his fellow citizen of all parties and beliefs In grateful recognition Of the Catholic spirit and generous ardour With which he gave himself to the public service And especially of his wise and tender care For the children of the city And for all the friendless and unhappy The defenceless and the poor

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Urijah Rees Thomas<span class="ag_notability">Business man</span><span class="ag_event_date"><i class="icon-calendar"></i>1829 to 1906</span>
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