William Herapath
August 25, 2016
James Paul Bush
August 25, 2016
William HerapathTobacconist and Magistrate1797 to 1865
August 25, 2016
James Paul BushTobacconist and Magistrate1797 to 1865
August 25, 2016

William Day WillsTobacconist and Magistrate1797 to 1865

William Day Wills

Wills Tobacco Family Dynasty

William Day Wills was a part of the Wills Tobacco family, which also includes Henry Overton Wills III and Sir Frank Wills. His father was Henry Overton Wills and his mother was Ann Day.

On 2 May 1820 he married Mary Steven and together they had 3 children Robert Steven, Marianne, and William Henry. Sadly Robert died at a very young age.

Inherits and expands business empire

William was co-owner of the W.D. and H.O. Wills Company with his brother Henry Overton Will II. They inherited the business from their father. The company traded tobacco between England and America and was a thriving business with growth was largely due to the success of cigarettes. Interestingly, William was a non-smoker.

Later Years

Towards the end of his life, William Day Wills was known to be a magistrate, a deacon at the Tabernacle in Bristol, a charity trustee, and a director for the Bristol and Exeter railway.


William Day Wills died in May, 1865, two days after stepping in front of a horse drawn carriage, necessitating the amputation of his left leg. 2000 people attended his funeral at the cemetery.

He was buried in a large plot and his monument can be viewed on the Ceremonial Way between the Bath Road gates and the café.

Grave and monument of William Day Wills.

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William Day Wills<span class="ag_notability">Botanist and funghi Specialist</span><span class="ag_event_date"><i class="icon-calendar"></i>1807 to 1876</span>
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